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The Wiccan Church of Minnesota is a Twin Cities based 501 (c) (3) religious organization that celebrates both Goddess and God.  Our church was founded more than 25 years ago.

The mission of the Wiccan Church of Minnesota is to:

• provide a meeting place for the Wiccan community,
• provide a common ground for the community by providing religious instruction and ministerial training for our members,
• promote information exchange and raise public awareness,
• maintain communications with the pagan community at large,
• provide access to rituals for members not associated with a coven,
• provide a reference library

WiCoM sponsors group rituals for all eight Wiccan sabbats, as well as for other special events and occasions. Many of these rituals are open to the public or invited guests who are not members. Certain events are open only to the membership and their guests. Each event is overseen by volunteers selected by the ceremonial leaders of the organization, the May Queen and Green Man, who are chosen each year by lottery at Beltaine.


May Court

The May Queen and Green Man are selected by lottery each year during the church’s Beltaine ritual.  The May Queen and Green Man are responsible for, among other things, ensuring the celebration of each of the eight yearly Sabbats.

The Fool is also selected by lottery at Beltaine.  The Fool reminds us that ours is a religion of both mirth and reverence.

The May Queen may select a Hand Maiden to assist her.  Likewise the Green Man may select a Summoner.

Further information about the duties and responsibilities of the May Court can be found in our handbook.

Our current May Queen is Suki.

Our current Green Man is Majika Oneira.

Our current Fools are Estelle and Brynleigh Draconis.

Executive Committee

The executive committee is comprised of the May Queen, Green Man, Fool, and three elected officers.

The General Representative is elected by the general membership.  Her duties include welcoming new members and dealing with incoming church correspondence.  A General Representative election is held yearly at Samhain.

The Teachers’ Representative is elected by recognized teachers within the church during odd numbered years. The Teachers’ Representative serves a two year term. This officer helps place students with teachers and organizes various classes from time to time.  The current Teachers’ Representative is Emrys Anu. Her term expires in 2017.

The Elders’ Representative is elected by the elders of the church.  An Elders’ Representative is elected in an even numbered year and serves a two year term. The person holding this office assembles ministerial review committees among other duties.  The current Elders’ Representative is Shelly.  Her term expires at Samhain of 2018.

More detailed information about the duties and responsibilities of these officers can be found in our handbook.


Three trustees are elected to oversee the church’s financial matters.  They sit down with the treasurer and review the church’s accounts annually.

The trustees serve for three years, one of them being elected each year.

The current trustees are

Trustee 1 -George

Trustee 2 – Neva (re-elected in September 2016)

Trustee 3 – Maggie



Associate Members need to state in writing, their intent to join the church, and pay their dues ($25/yr). They may participate in rituals without further vouching. They have speaking privileges at moots (as do all), but may not vote on issues. They may not hold elected office.

Voting Members must first be an Associate Member in good standing (dues-current). Then they may, at any time, petition the Elders’ Council for admission to Voting status. Typically, the Voting Member will be at least a first-degree initiate or higher. The petition will be acted on at a regularly scheduled and duly-convened Elders’ Moot. Voting Members’ annual dues are $35.00.

Teachers, Elders, and Ministers are Voting Members who have agreed to accept further responsibility in the growth and administration of the Church, and who support the Church with moderately higher dues. Each of these categories are conferred on a petitioning individual after deliberation of their qualifications and with the consensus of their peers-to-be.  Teachers and Elders pay yearly dues of $45.  Ministers pay yearly dues of $50.

To become a member complete this form, include payment of $25 , and mail that to us or hand it to one of the officers.

Our mailing address is:

Wiccan Church of Minnesota
P.O. Box 40591
St. Paul, MN 55104

Membership Handbook

Contact Information

Each May Court member or officer of the church can be reached via email.  Select one of the officers below to reach out to that individual.

General Representative

Teachers’ Representative

Elders’ Representative

May Queen

Green Man

In addition, you can reach us via snail mail at

Wiccan Church of Minnesota
P.O. Box 40591
St. Paul, MN 55104

Individual ministers of the church can be contacted via email for weddings, memorial services, or hospital visits.

Rev. Emrys Anu

Rev. Estelle – to reach her email estelledaniels at aol dot com

Rev. John Stitely

Rev. Qwill

Rev. Jaimie Zaugg

Rev. Keith Vorderbruggen