Seekers' Classes

WiCoM periodically hosts both "Intensives" (one day brain-buster classes) and shorter classes spread over multiple weeks. There are currently no classes scheduled.

HOWEVER -- If you know anyone who wants a seekers class, please share this information with them and have them register by sending an email to:

"Seekers" are those persons who wish to obtain factual information about just what neo-Paganism (as practiced in the Twin Cities area) and by extension Wicca, is -- and is not. It is intended only as an introduction, and, perhaps, a "survival guide" to one's first encounters in "Paganistan."

Recommended Reading for Seeker Students
Offered here for your convenience:
WiCoM Seeker Book List (PDF)
WiCoM Seeker List of Links (PDF)

Extended Classes

WiCoM also offers, on a recurring, but somewhat infrequent basis, more extensive training in a more coven-like setting. Typically this training will extend for approximately a year and a day, and has the potential for conferrence of First Degree Wicca community recognition. As this is a big commitment for both student(s) and teacher(s), and as our recent class was elevated only recently, the next round of classes has not yet been scheduled. Check back periodically for updates.

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