2016 Public Lady Day (Imbolc) Ritual

Presented by: Jay

DATE Saturday, January 30, 2016

6:30 p.m. Gather, 7:00 p.m. Ritual


Living Table UCC
4001 38th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55406
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Closest MetroTransit Route: 7E (will require a couple of blocks' walk)

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This is a kid-friendly public ritual.

The days are getting longer and it is time for the Wheel to turn again. Join us in celebrating Lady Day. Come visit the aspects of Mother, Maiden, Warrior and Crone. See how the Goddesses in our lives have strengthened and empowered us through life lessons. Find the strength to forge a stronger hearth. Feel the empowerment your roots can give you.

Please reflect on the Goddesses in your life prior to and during the ritual.

Please bring a small candle with you that you will be comfortable carrying for a portion of the ritual. We will have flame-guards/drip catchers available for those who bring candle sticks with them.

Potluck feast to follow. Questions - ritualist@WiccanChurchMN.org

Please join us.


Questions? Contact the ritualist(s) at: ritualist@WiccanChurchMN.Org


Access to Ritual (Dates Through The Wheel)

Many Wiccans choose to practice their spirituality as solitary practitioners, others seek a group ritual experience. Not all who desire group ritual experience are members of a coven or other group to fulfill that need. WiCoM tries to meet the needs of these members by sponsoring group celebrations of the eight sabbats.

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Imbolc '16 1/30/16 Annie 12/30/15
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Beltaine '16 4/30/16 Annie and John and Travis and Emrys Anu 3/31/16

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Public Awareness

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