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Hellenistic Astrology Intensive Class

WiCoM hosted a one-day intensive class on Hellenistic ("Classical") Astrology on Saturday, May 18.
Hellenistic/Classical astrology is the original astrology as formulated ca 100BCE-300CE. It is the basis for western (psychological/humanistic) and Vedic astrology. Much of this knowledge has been lost through time, but now several dedicated linguistic scholars have been translating these materials from what original sources still exist, and bringing them to the world of astrology. The system uses the same signs, planets and houses, but with a somewhat different style and outlook.

Estelle Daniels presented a full-day astrological intensive using Hellenistic astrology. You didn't need to know much beyond 'what's your sign', as Estelle guided you through it all, and the handout gave you useful guidelines and keywords to help you interpret charts. This was an intensive similar to her previous ones, but using a system that has been mostly lost for over 1500 years. Estelle's Intensives do work, and people find they (surprisingly) know more about astrology after attending.

This was an all-day event, with a break for supper, and being at Lunds, everybody found something wonderful to eat! There's also a Caribou on site--for the caffeine dependant.

This was the first time Estelle taught this material, and she is hoping to help bring this system of astrology back to the world. This presentation was facilitated by the Wiccan Church of Minnesota. There was no charge for attendance, though there was a small materials charge for the handout.

Estelle Daniels is the author of Astrologickal Magick, and co-author of Essential Wicca, Pocket Guide to Wicca and Color a Magick Spell. She is a Minister with the Wiccan Church of Minnesota, and has been writing and teaching on astrological and other subjects since 1991. She is available to teach at your group. Contact her through her website


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