The Cycle of the Year and how that plays out in our Eight Church Sabbats

It's been a while since we had a 'Beltain Bitch'—a topic that was of importance to members of the Wiccan Church of Minnesota and that the officers of the church felt needed further exploration and church-wide discussion. Past Beltain Bitches have resulted in the office of the Fool being created, and other positive changes in the Church. So now we seem to have a topic that is strongly advocated, and that merits discussion among the church membership as a whole.

At the latest Business meetings, the topic of a coherent cycle of rituals over the year was brought up. It was suggested that the Church's rituals for a specific year be coordinated within a mythos of that cycle. There are several possible mythos cycles for the wheel of the year, and it was proposed that maybe we could have several outlines available that the May Queen and Green Man could choose from, and they would then say this is the mythos cycles we are following for this year of our tenure.

Each person or group who chose to do a ritual for that year, would then use that cycle as a basis for their ritual. This would not be restricted to any specific culture, or style or whatever—just that, for example, we will celebrate the death of the Corn God at Mabon. This is an example only, and not necessarily exactly what will be chosen.

It was decided that this topic was too broad for just the business meeting, and so a date and time was established, for any and all members of WiCoM to come and discuss this idea. Do we think this is a good idea? What mythos cycles are useful and workable? How could this idea be made manifest? Come to the Ramsey County Public Library - Roseville Branch - on November 16th Noon to 3pm and discuss this topic. We are looking to explore how church members feel about the church's rituals as a whole, and how they should be conducted. Should we try this idea of having ritualists conform to a specific cycle each year? Just because a theme would be proposed—i.e. The death of the Corn God at Mabon—there is still a great deal of latitude on how you might make a ritual dealing with that theme.

If you don't attend and make your views known, then you risk the church making policy that you might not want. Everyone should realize this meeting is exploratory and if many people think it's a good idea, then more meetings will occur to establish how we can make this happen, and which cycle mythoses we will have available. All who attend will be allowed to speak, within the framework of a moderated meeting, and the May Queen will be the moderator. At the end, a vote will be taken as to whether to continue with this idea or let it end. Only voting members in good standing of the Wiccan Church of Minnesota will be allowed to vote, as per the rules and guidelines of our church.

There are 4 recognized church mythologies we have in our membership handbook, but we will not be limiting ourselves to those cycles alone. Just as it took time to establish those officially recognized church mythologies, it will also take time to work out how this cycle of the year mythos thing might happen in the running of the Wiccan Church of Minnesota, if it is approved at the November 16th meeting.

Come to the meeting and make your views known. Only by hearing from the church members as whole, and having a vote can we make a policy that best serves our membership. Or not make a policy, if that is what the membership wants. But people have to show up and make their views known before we can decide one way or the other. See you in November.

Roseville Branch of the Ramsey County Public Library
November 16th, Noon to 3pm
2180 North Hamline Avenue
Roseville, MN 55113
Office: 651-724-6001
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Your May Queen,


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