Astrology Intensive Class

WiCoM is blessed to periodically sponsor one-day intensive classes on a variety of general interest subjects.

Our most recent was one in March on on Hellenistic ("Classical") Astrology. The description for that class is as follows. (This class is likely to be periodically repeated - hence leaving the information publicly available.)

By popular demand, Estelle Daniels will be holding an all-day intensive on Hellenistic Astrology. There is no charge for the intensive, though donations will be accepted, but there is a $2 charge for the handout.

As always, this intensive is for people who are interested in learning something about astrology, but who are not necessarily astrologers. We will start with 'what's your sign' and go on from there, exploring the origins of astrology, how Hellenistic Astrology (the original created system) differs from modern astrology and using a wonderful handout work with the signs, planets houses and the rest.

Bring your own natal chart, because the second half of the day will be putting people's charts up on the board and working together to do some interpretation. This will not be deep and personal revelations, but more general ideas of what the chart shows. And nobody will be required to show their own chart to the group.

Lunds is a gourmet grocery store with a Caribou Coffee on site. The rules for using this wonderful second-floor space are no outside food or drink, but the lunch break will provide everyone with a chance to buy good stuff to eat from the store. Their food is very good, so nobody has to go hungry.

This is a long day, but nobody has died during or after any intensive, even though you will probably feel like your brains are leaking out of your ears at the end. Don't worry, you will learn things--really! These intensives do work! And they are fun--or as fun as Estelle can manage to make it.

The intensive is free--donations will be accepted--but the handout is $2 for copying costs. And you really need the handout to follow the intensive.

This event is sponsored by the Wiccan Church of Minnesota, with help from STARS. Estelle asks that all cell phones be turned off for the duration of the Intensive.

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