WiCoM's Heritage

While WiCoM is goverened the elected Board, we are guided spiritually by our May Queen and Green Man (and as of 1993, sometimes by our Fool/s). These offices are chosen by lottery from those within the church who are willing to serve the Gods and the People. This tradition is handed down to WiCoM from it's predecessor, Minnesota Church of the Wicca. In 1989, some of the MCoW members felt called to form a new entity; thus was formed the Wiccan Church of Minnesota.

The May Couple/May Team

WiCoM has had an unbroken line of succession for our May Team since our origins in the Minnesota Church of the Wicca. As spritual advisors, they are also the representatives of the Goddess and God over the course of the year. As symbol of this, at each Beltaine ritual, the Goddess and God are drawn into the current May Couple and passed directly to the newly chosen May Couple. In 1993, a new office was added to acknowledge the free-form energies that do not associate with the male/female dichotomy.

Listed below are the holders of our Sacred Offices:

Our Lineage
Season May Queen Green Man Fool(s) Notes
1977-78 Vikki Myrddin Position of Fool
not Established
until 1993
Minnesota Church of the Wicca
1978-79 Paula Michael
1979-80 Linda Mark
1980-81 Aura Godfrey
1981-82 Becky Myrddin
1982-83 Shirley Marcus
1983-84 Sheberos Volkvhy
1984-85 Anna Tony
1985-86 Magenta Uncle Wolf
1986-87 Tallin Steve
1987-88 Alice Burtrand
1988-89 Aura Mike
1989-90 Tallin Scott WiCoM Founded. May Couple presided over both churches.
1990-91 Katie Tony   Wiccan Church of Minnesota
1991-92 Tallin Daniel
1992-93 Mariamne Qwill
1993-94 Sheberos Omar Traveller
1994-95 Estelle Uncle Wolf Zara
1995-96 Carol Sumnar Gaile
1996-97 Katie Richard Uncle Wolf
1997-98 Valeria Mahada Qwill Legend: Boldfaced vs Italics: With rare exceptions, power is passed from Male to Female; from Female to Male. To follow the power line, follow the attribute.
1998-99 Spiral Sumnar  
1999-00 Demetria Robin Grimm Katie
2000-01 Magenta Traveller  
2001-02 Blaze Uilleam   Foolishness: The office of the fool was established in 1993, but it was further determined that the office could/should not fall under mundane restrictions. The Church decided that the Gods should be unhindered about whether there should be one, two, or no Fools determined by their lottery. This is why you will see blanks or multiples within the Fool column on any given year.
2002-03 Drea Soaric Walks With Coyote
2003-04 Annastrianna Tsemach Yunion
2004-05 KarysNicole Baraka  
2005-06 Padma John Estelle
2006-07 Vita Steven of Prodea Fugue & Baraka
2007-08 Suki Qwill  
2008-09 Adamina Yunion Otter Dancing
2009-10 Aurora Soaric Estelle & Mother
2010-11 Suki Qwill Sky
2011-12 Sky Fugue Soaric & AutumnRaven
2012-13 Ajna Soaric Fugue & J-Rob
2013-14 Adamina John Emrys Anu
2014-15 Estelle Qwill Suki
2015-16 Annie John Emrys Anu  

We humbly thank each and every one of the individuals who have answered the call of the Gods and of our members.


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