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All Things Beltaine

by WiCoM's Administration over these many years
Originally published in the Handbook

Eligibility, Duties, Rights, Etc. of the May Team
To stand for the Lottery a person must:

  • Be a first degree initiate, and;
  • Be a voting Member of WiCoM in good standing (""Good Standing" is defined as having paid your dues before the ritual starts or having performed at least 5 hours of work for WiCoM that is recognized by the Executive Committee), and;
  • Have attended a previous WiCoM Beltane, and;
  • Cannot hold a similar office in any other church or organization.

All members who are eligible are encouraged to attend. It is strongly recommended that candidates have experienced a drawing down, and if in doubt about this topic, the individual is encouraged to talk to an Elder- preferably their teacher.

Special Notice concerning Skyclad

There is a tradition in this church that the selected May Team be invested while skyclad. While encouraging participants to honor this tradition, it has been decided by the May Team in past years and continuing this year that if the individuals that are selected by the Gods also have a powerful objection to being skyclad, that person’s choice will be honored. There is to be no coersion or pressure applied to influence their decision.

Responsibilities of the Office

  • The May Team must perform a Great Rite (typically symbolic) for the fertility of the next year and conclude the ritual in which they are selected.
  • The May Team must perform the next Beltaine Ritual and Lottery with such assistance as they deem necessary.
  • The May Team is responsible for seeing that all the sabbats are performed. They may perform those they choose or may delegate the responsibility at their discretion. It is up to them alone to determine and coordinate who will perform which Sabbat. This implies that the May Queen and Greenman can be as involved as they choose with the ritual year and have the right to supervise the ritual content (subject to the possibility of inheriting the whole ritual depending on the response from the delegated ritual team).
  • It is the duty of the Green Man and May Queen to act as an advocate and give voice to members that are either dissatisfied or otherwise unable to attend or do not feel that they have a voice in WiCoM meetings.
  • It is also the duty of the May Team to serve to provide comfort, compassion and spiritual advice to those Church Members who seek it.
  • On paper, at least, they have huge authority and control over the majority of the church’s public activities. Insofar as this differs from above they also have the right to plan and lead any church ritual. In that vein, the May Team may chair any or all Church meetings at its discretion.
  • If a member of the succeeding May Team cannot finish their tenure in office, the previous member must replace them for the remaining term. If there are not six (three male & three female) dues paying members to stand for the lottery, the May Team will retain the office for another year. This means that the office is a two year commitment, though in all likelihood involvement will be for one.
  • The May Team is the unofficial mentor of the next May Team
  • The May Team can be requested by the acting HP/HPS of any Church ritual, to play the part of the God/dess.


  • The May Team has the great privilege to serve our churches members in the Name of the Gods.
  • The May Team may, at the end of their tenure solicit membership in the Council of Elders.
  • The May Team may host events such as the May folk Open House, Picnic or Brunch and sponsor appropriate activities.
  • The Greenman may appoint a Summoner and the May Queen a Hand Maiden to aid them and delegate such powers and duties as they wish to these individuals (By definition they can only delegate the powers that they have themselves.)


It is a common and useful custom for those who wish to perform rituals in the next year, to make that proposal to the new May Team after the ritual. It is nice if they are given a bit to eat, and time to ground and center. It is also the right and has worked out fairly well for the Church if the May Team takes all the proposals home and thinks about it over a few days' time. It's nice to know who wants to do the rituals, but you owe it to the church to put on the best cycle you can. Being thoughtful and patient gives you the chance to think. Clearly you will want to accept as many offers as possible because you want people to be involved. But three people might want Samhain and you can only give it to one (unless you can encourage the three to co-present). You might be missing an Imbolc. With a bit of politeness you can offer it to one of those groups or individuals who would do a nice job on it.

If you are called to serve, we encourage you to offer your full service, and the best of your abilities, to the Gods and their Church.

Blessed Be!

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